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Discover how we help maintain your system
long after installation.

Periodic maintenance of your system is just as important as installing it right the first time.  Oscillators drift, cooling fans and filters get gunked up, firmware updates continue to be released, and equipment configurations change.  We can set up a periodic maintenance schedule for your team or we can work with you to establish a maintenance contract.  Some of our maintenance checks include:

Radio System

  • Physical inspection and cleaning of equipment

  • Measure, tune, and align radios to keep in compliance with FCC regulations

  • Measure reflected power of your antenna systems to ensure there are no antenna or feedline defects

  • Test system alarms

  • HVAC system check

  • Battery and generator maintenance

  • Check system grounding

  • Upgrade firmware and stay current with manufacturer’s product notices

Network System

  • Measure backhaul throughput, latency, and reliability

  • Upgrade firmware and stay current with manufacturer’s product notices

  • Check system logs for emerging issues

  • Verify system failover operability

  • Analyze traffic statistics and bandwidth utilization

  • Check network topology against as-built configuration to ensure changes are captured and unauthorized devices are detected

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