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Network Analysis

Do you REALLY know what’s traveling over your networks?  Many organizations, especially small businesses, do not keep up to date with the latest OS updates and system patches.  Hackers are well aware of this and continue to evolve by finding new ways to exploit your network.  No industry is exempt from these attacks.  Firewall rules and ACLs are not enough as rouge traffic is barely indistinguishable from normal packets traversing the network.  



Research conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance found that:


  • Nearly 50 percent of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack

  • Over 70 percent of attacks target small businesses

  • Nearly 60 percent of hacked small to medium-sized businesses go out of business after 6 months

We can analyze your network to determine if any of these dormant threats are present and harden your system going forward to mitigate potential security breaches by ensuring your equipment is configured in accordance with NIST SP 800 guidelines, installing and configuring an Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS) to guard against the evolving threatscape, and working with you to establish employee use policies as well as educate them on best practices.

Traffic Analysis and
Flow Monitoring

Any network administrator that’s worked more than a day has heard the same complaint from the end users – “Why is the network running so slow?”  Proper network planning, traffic segmentation, identifying poorly running applications, and eliminating unnecessary network traffic all play a key role in improving your network performance.  We have the tools and the expertise to help you identify the choke points in your network.

We model and simulate networks prior to installing changes within a production environment so we can emulate real-world scenarios and educate your team on how to configure and maintain the system with minimal downtime.

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