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Tactical Starlink System (TSS)

The Tactical Starlink System was designed to provide a simple, rugged,  Starlink terminal that can be deployed anywhere in minutes.

Bring high-speed connectivity anywhere you need it

The Tactical Starlink System (TSS) includes all components required to be fully operational...just plug it in and connect your equipment directly to the built-in Ethernet port or via the integrated Wi-Fi.  TSS operation is as simple as your home Wi-Fi router, yet contains more advanced features such as VPN tunnelling, ACLs, port forwarding, and intrusion detection. Enjoy download speeds up to 300Mbps and uploads up to 30Mbps.


Use it onsite or on the move in all weather conditions

Whether you're supporting multiple sites or wish to operate on the move, there are several affordable options with service flexibility to match your usage.  The unit operates with the lid on without degradation of service while providing an IP67 waterproof rating.

Customizable to fit your application

With several power options available, the TSS adapts to your usage.  With the optional Software-Defined Networking package, users can remotely manage all deployed units along with the ability to control user access and allowable networks, as well as view system status.  Custom colors and configurations are available, including white box branding for resellers.

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