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We know what it takes to design, build, test, and maintain mission-critical systems and we're looking forward to working with you on your current and upcoming projects.

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RF System Analysis

We can perform coverage analysis for your service territory as well as ensure your point-to-point links are designed to maintain high reliability when you need them the most.

Installation and Testing

The most well-designed system is no good to anyone if not properly installed.  This is the stage where experience and pride of workmanship come to fruition.


Project Mangement

We have years of industry experience managing projects ranging from a few weeks to several years.

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Network Hub and Cable

Network Analysis

We can analyze your network to determine if any threats are present, and harden your system going forward to mitigate potential security breaches.



Our mission is to present options for a well-integrated system that meet your budget without sacrificing quality and reliability.  


We can set up a periodic maintenance schedule for your team or we can work with you to establish a maintenance contract. 



As an outside evaluator, we can capture your team's inputs, objectively examine your processes, and present our findings.

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